Bicycle touring programs in Uruguay

We believe that the world looks better and more enjoyable from the seat of a bicycle. Our programs are designed with a recreational purpose.  Bicycle touring programs are cycling trips for pleasure, adventure, and autonomy rather than sport. You will not find here competitive or high effort programs. Our goal is to enjoy cycling in Uruguay

For some people climbing steep hills is part of the fun of cycling. For others, they are obstacles to reach your goal. At LaBicicleta Tours we have options for all ages and fitness levels in traditional bikes or electric bikes: urban walks and trails, farms, Punta del Este vineyards…

Why we added electric bikes

Because we want people of different skills to enjoy tours and discover the world together. Choose level of motor assistance needed and.. .ride

Do you want to know more about electric bikes? (more accurately, electrical-assistance bikes). This is because the motor only assists, rather than replaces, the pedalling action.


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